AppleScripts for InDesign CS5 Book Updated

The process of testing and rewriting scripts for the book AppleScripting Adobe InDesign CS5 and CS5.5 is now complete. The scripts are available from the protected area of the web site for those who have registered their book.

Although you will find most of the scripts have not changed, many of the scripts have been revised to some degree. You do need to know about one change in particular that can affect many of your scripts. This change can be a real gotcha in CS6. There is no longer a master text frame property for document presets. It has been changed to create primary text frame.

For CS5: set presetRef to make document preset with properties {name:”presetName”, master text frame: false}

For CS6: set presetRef to make document preset with properties {name:”presetName”, create primary text frame: false}

The primary text frame is overridden by default, so you do not have to override the frame prior to using it with a script.

Not Changed

One problem that should have been fixed but was not, is the bottom right corner option for a rectangle. There are work arounds that can be used, but hopefully this will be fixed soon.

New for CS6

Export preferences

Enhanced support for EPub and HTML export includes the new HTML export preference and EPub export preference.

EPub Support

For CS6 much has been added to support publishing for electronic devices including the new objects for working with the artlcles panel: article, article member, article child, and article children. The method add document content populates the article with all page items in the document.

Alternate Layouts

You can now create an alternate layout for a given list of spreads (create alternate layout in the Basics Suite). And, of course, you can delete the alternate layout using the delete alternate layout method.

Smart Alignment

The properties align to object center and align to object edges if set to true enables alignment to either the center or edges of objects.

Support for Linked Page Items

The linked page item option (layout suite) provides properties for preserving appearance, size and shape, and updating links while saving (update link while saving). You can also determine if the user will be warned if an update link operation will override local edits (warn on update of edited Page Item). A similar option is provided for stories (linked story option).

File Path Comparison

You can now compare two file paths to see if they are the same using the are file paths equivalent method in the Basics Suite.

Support for PDF Forms

A wealth of objects and methods for creating forms in your InDesign documents is found in the Interactive Elements Suite

Support for DPS

Objects and methods are provided in the Standard Suite for working with DPS folios including a variety of methods for export.

We will be discussing many of these new enhancements in future blogs and tutorials.