Happy New Year

Looking forward to a new year and working with Adobe InDesign CC 2018. As we close the door to another great year, we thought you would like to have an outline of some of the scripts that were featured in our blog. We will be posting a download of some of these scripts with document resources for testing to our website. Watch for the announcement.


Feb 11Automating a Heart in InDesign
 Custom Dialog (name, fill, stroke, size) text editbox, measurement editbox, dropdown)
Apr 6Animate CC for InDesign
 Alien animation –  Publish Online: https://indd.adobe.com/view/f87ad262-49f9-4e5c-a727-a3ddd3d62a7a 
Apr 15Animating Adobe InDesign I (beginning)
 Animation Encyclopedia Properties
Apr 21Animating Adobe InDesign II (Buttons, Multi-state objects)
 (Button exception; timing settings are for spread)
 Button animation behavior: example for AppleScript, JavaScript
Apr 30Animating Adobe InDesign III (Animating Page Items)
 Works with script provided by Adobe. script preferences.
May 07Animating Adobe InDesign IV (Animating with a Timeline)
May 26Animating Adobe InDesign V (rectangle)
 CreateRectangle (AppleScript, ExtendScript) – on myMakeRectangle()
June 03Animating Adobe InDesign VI (Animate Airplane)
 Airplane animates around globe.
 Airplane (AppleScript and Extendscript)
June 27Animating Adobe InDesign VII (Animation Settings, setting path points)
 Setting animation settings for objects, Adding Timing (Keyframes), Adding Rotation
 Path Points (AppleScript, ExtendScript)
 GetMotionPathPoints – on makeDefaultRectangle (spreadRef, gBounds, objStyle)
July 23Animating Adobe InDesign VIII (Animate Wagon)
 toCurrentLocation.scpt – on toCurrentLocation (objRef, dTime, dTravel, numTimes, tOffsets)
 MyWagon (AppleScript and ExtendScript) – setRotateProps() handler and function
July 31Animating Adobe InDesign IX (Bar Chart)
 AnimateBarChart_final.scpt barChart_template.indt
 on makeBar (parentObj, pTop, pLeft, dataItem, objStyle, tStyle)
 on growIt (objRef, dTime, xScale, yScale, tOffsets, hideIt)
 on fadeIn (objRef, dTime, oArray)
 on getLongest (theList, theIndex)
Aug 14TextOnPath (setting properties for text on path: start/end bracket)
 on getSelection()
 on makeParagraphStyle (docRef, styleName, styleProps)
 on stylePath (textPathRef, textItem, textIndex, parastyleRef)
Aug 22Dialog for TextOnAPath (Custom Dialog, tell/with, every/everyItem())
 (enabling group, dropdown; selected index/selectedIndex)
Aug 29Automate InDesign Graphic Export with AppleScript I
 ExportGraphics.scpt – on exportItems(), on getDocRef()
Sept 6Automate InDesign Graphic Export With AppleScript II
 on userDialog (folderList: “desktop”, “home folder”, “document folder”)
 dialog with enabling groups, checkbox control
 on checkFolder (folderPath, folderName) –creates folder if not exists
 on setExportPrefs (exportPrefs), on doExport (docRef, jpgPath, pngPath, choiceList)
Sept 12Managing Script Handlers in AppleScript
 getDocRef.scpt – on getDocRef()
 on showMessage(myMessage)
 Simple Template for Handlers
 on getDocumentFolder (docRef)
Sept 19Restoring InDesign Preferences
 (capture/restore preferences used: User Interaction level for user dialog
 User Dialog (Applescript, Extendscript) – userDialog handler and function
 Measurement Units (using script preferences; Applescript, Extendscript)
 Measurement Units (using view preferences; Applescript, Extendscript)
 on makeTitlebox (6 arguments)
 on makeRectangle (9 arguments)
 on makeLayer(parentRef, layerName, atTop)
Sept 28InDesign Script Handlers (Functions, Export to HTML with CSS)
 makeTextFrame.scpt (13 arguments)
 TextFrameWithStyle.scpt (GrayFillWithBorder object style, Heading1 parastyle)
 TextFrameWithStyle.js (only 5 arguments)
Oct 15Automate Documents and Styling with AppleScript (using templates, place text)
 Paragraph Styles, Next Paragraph Style
 DocFromTemplate.scpt (with Template in Templates Folder)
 NewDocWithStyles (import object and text styles)
 on getImportFile() (choose file default location)
Oct 26Embedded Image Report
 Writes report to plain text file
Nov 6Release Anchored Items
 UnanchorSplineItems.js on getDocRef()
 getObjStyle(docRef, styleName, WrapAmt)
Nov 23Script an InDesign Document Book Cover
 creates preset named “6x9Book” if not exists; Uses resize
Dec 9Single Page Calendar SinglePageCalendar_blog.indt
Dec 17Placing Multiple Images Multiple Times
 ListItems.scpt (same as catalog but images are placed at beginning of paragraphs)
 End of Story.scpt (same as catalog only one image is placed at end of stories.)