As of today, Monday, June 17, Adobe changes the way we will be working with InDesign and the rest of the Creative Suite. It is now CC, not CS5 or CS6. To keep in step with this change, we say goodbye to CS6 and look forward to working with the Creative Cloud (CC).

The whole idea behind Adobe’s focus on the “cloud” is designed to allow for more rapid application upgrades to keep up with changes in technology. What this means to users is having the latest and greatest that Adobe has to offer when you want it; any part or all of it. This includes all of the applications normally bundled in the Creative Suite with a whole lot more. For me, the inclusion of InCopy alone pays for the monthly Creative Cloud membership. Not to mention the font collection, Behance, and applications such as Lightroom 5 and Muse.

I am anxious to get my hands on the new version of Flash Pro and Dreamweaver just to explore all that is new and experience the performance enhancements. The family of applications centered around Edge Animate beckon me to spend more time exploring these applications and services.

I have been working with the prerelease version of InDesign and will be posting blogs for the next few weeks focusing on working with InCopy and exporting to ePub. This will all be under the new blog name: Automating Adobe InDesign CC. So keep tuned, our goal is to keep up with the change while exploring scripts to automate some of the processes.

If you are still debating about syncing with the “cloud” here are a couple of URL’s you may want to explore: