Life Happened!

So I made a New Years resolution six months ago to write at least one blog a week. Boy did I break that resolution–big time!  

But that’s what happened. Inundated with Adobe announcing the forthcoming release of version 6.0, the Creative Cloud, plus a host of other applications to support the “new standard” I simply got buried.

I still feel like I am trying to catch up. Muse, Edge, JQuery… Which way to go? Concentrate on HTML5 or get back into Flash?

Before Apple dropped the bomb that iPad would not support Flash, all my efforts were focused on how best to automate InDesign resources into the Flash platform using ActionScript 3. Then came the promise of HTML5 with CSS3.  

With the mantra being “write once, publish multiple”, HTML5 seemed to have a lot to offer with more being promised. The question still remains as to whether it can measure up to what can be done using device-specific languages. 

Even ePub is in flux, with ePub3 looming on the horizon. So there is much to talk about. So it definitely is time to make another resolution: to write a blog at least once a week.

Although the topics may be diverse, implementing scripting into the workflow is sure to be part of the discussion.

Shirley Hopkins