Breaking Text Frames

One of the great scripts provided with InDesign is BreakFrame. In a nutshell, it is designed to break the thread between selected text frames. It first checks to make sure there are text frames or text items selected. If at least one text frame or item is in the selection list, it passes the list […]


I promised a discussion of Automator “next week” two weeks ago. Life happens! So why was I interested in Automator anyway? It was one of those “jump in and get it done” days. I had a script that would automate a workflow process that I did repeatedly: get files from a chosen folder and place […]

New Year New Post

We are well into a new year and it looks as if there may be some changes ahead that may affect some of us.  There will be new challenges, new capabilities, and perhaps a new focus for some adventurous scripters. “There is nothing as consistent as change” so they say. Recently I read a paper entitled […]