Resource File Handling With AppleScript

Not Just for Complex Workflows A popular misconception about scripting is that a script is only needed to automate complex and/or repetitive functionality. While scripts are used for this purpose, there are some manual processes that you may be doing every day that can be aided with a script. Just think for a minute about […]

InDesign Fixed Layout ePub – Wrap Up

Wrapping Up Before we leave the subject of automating animation and buttons for fixed layout EPUB we will look at a few topics which we have purposely left for last: Changing Color and Rollover behavior. Changing Color One thing that you cannot do as part of animating an object is to change its color. Short of setting up a […]

Automating Buttons for InDesign Multi State Objects

Buttons for Multi State Objects For your EPUB Fixed Layout projects you have the option of creating your own buttons or choosing buttons from InDesign’s Button Library. For this discussion we will create a slideshow that uses buttons from the library to navigate through the images. The Slideshow Creating an interactive slideshow for a fixed […]

Automating Buttons for InDesign Fixed Layout EPUB

Buttons for InDesign Fixed Layout This week we will delve into the world of buttons for InDesign fixed layout animation. For this we will add some new handlers to our scripting library. MakeTextFrame This handler will require the following arguments: parentObj – the parent object for the text frame itemName – a name for the object to […]

Adobe Fixed Layout EPUB Animation

Animation Presets All of the animations demonstrated in this blog series to date have been created by setting the animation settings for objects defined on a spread using a script. What has been purposely avoided is the mention that InDesign provides a number of animation presets that can be used to set animations manually or […]

Animation for Adobe InDesign Fixed Layout

Interactivity Up to this point the only interactivity that has been introduced as part of this blog series is on page click. This, as you remember, will be set as part of the properties for a timing list of the spread. Interestingly, a spread can have more than one timing list. This is where it really […]

Scripts for Animating Adobe Fixed Layout EPub

You Have Reached the Top If you are an adamant hiker like me, you have discovered once you have reached the top of a ridge, the mountain before you just continues to rise upward. So, here you are at the top of the automate animation ridge, but there is so much more that you can […]

Animating for Adobe Fixed Layout

One Flower, Four Flowers In our last blog, we created a fun animation that animates a single flower. If you worked through this project, you may have thought to yourself: “All of this code for just one simple animation?” And. yes, depending on the animation, the code to animate objects for fixed layout EPub can […]

Ease-y Does It: Animation for Fixed Layout EPub

Ease-y Does It In this blog a new property for a page item’s animation settings is being added to our automation toolbox. This property, ease type, alters the speed at which an animation occurs. The values that can be set for this property are no ease, ease in, ease out, ease in out, and custom Ease in, affects the […]

Animating Adobe Fixed Layout EPub

It’s All About Time (Timing) In this installation for creating animations for InDesign Fixed Layout EPub using a script we will start working with timing settings and timing groups. If you made it up to this point with your gray matter still intact, you can breathe a little easier as this subject is not as […]