InCopy Text Import Preferences

Add Text Import Preferences To Script Last week’s blog was a quick overview for automating InCopy for a story-first InDesign workflow. We will now look at a few details that can be added to that script to manage how the text is imported from a file. Showing Options If you want to allow the user […]

InCopy Workflow for InDesign

Adobe InCopy Workflow Issues With all the benefits that come with using Adobe InCopy to edit text for InDesign, one may wonder why some workflows are not centered around its use. This is especially true, now that InCopy is included with Creative Cloud. One reason might be that it is generally believed to be designed […]

Automating Metadata

Taking Advantage of Metadata Metadata is the information about a file that is “hidden” in its header. Many cameras add information about the photograph in its metadata when the picture is taken. Some of this information may include focal length, ISO Speed, Aperture, Shutter Speed, and even GPS information. Most designers make use of important […]

InDesign Fixed Layout ePub – Animation V

Add Buttons to Multi State Object In our previous blog we demonstrated how one could create a mult-istate object using an AppleScript. To keep it simple, we left the process of adding buttons to the object up to the reader. As long as you have gone to the trouble of creating a script to create […]

InDesign Fixed Layout ePub – Animation IV

Multi-state Objects If you have walked through the steps required to create a multi-state object in InDesign, you must have thought to yourself “There must be a better way.” Since you already know how to work with scripts, your thoughts may have matured to the point of wondering how you would go about writing a […]

InDesign Fixed Layout ePub – Animation III

Motion Path Points Revisited In our last script, we introduced the concept of using a script to automate animations for fixed layout ePub publications. To get the motion path points for the animation we used the entire path property for path one of a selected page item. The entire path property appears to return the […]

Incorporating Photoshop Functionality

Other Applications in Automation Scripts Automating the workflow for a publication does not always begin and end with a script targeted to Adobe InDesign. The need to involve another application can be as simple as working with the Finder. On the other hand, a script may become a little more involved if the functionality of […]

InDesign Fixed Layout ePub – Animation II

Custom Animations With Adobe InDesign CC 2014 you have a number of options for creating animations in a fixed layout ePub. This includes InDesign’s built-in motion presets and import for HTML. If you want something a little more than what is offered with motion presets, but you don’t want to go to the trouble of […]

Fixed Format ePub With InDesign – Animation

October of 2014 brought good news for designers using Adobe InDesign CC. The upgrade (2014.1) fixed a number of issues and added some new features for fixed layout ePub documents. The Good News Here are some of the improvements we have noticed: The problem with modified font styling has been fixed. You can now pseudo […]

Find Adobe InDesign Asset

Working With InDesign Library Assets Adobe InDesign has provided some great built-in functionality for working with Libraries and Assets.For instance, you may not be aware of the following functionality provided in the Object Library panel menu: ChooseItem Information with a library asset selected to have all of its information displayed in a dialog Choose Add […]