ePub Book Now Available

This title walks you through the process of using templates geared to take the user from beginner to more advanced. On the way, you will learn the basics of working with HTML and CSS. Instructions include how to add more pages to your book and tips for going to publish.


All templates include a sample bookshelf cover, at least eight inside pages with front and back covers and frontispiece.
Simple Landscape The perfect template for beginners.
Landscape with Popups Adds support for region magnification to Simple Landscape.
Fixed Layout_Landscape Each inside page for this template supports a different text or layout situation to give you a variety of ways to present your content.


EPub Books for Kindle

Uses handy templates to create EPub Books for Kindle. Learn how to create everything from a cute book for children to technical publications. No expensive applications to buy, just use your favorite plain text editor to edit the text and your favorite image editing software to edit your images. Amazon’s Kindle Previewer (free application) does the rest.

iPad Template