The collection of scripts from the book Automating Adobe InDesign CS4 with ExtendScript have been tested and updated for version CS6. These are now available for download from the ExtendScript page of the book’s support website ( This is available to users free of charge to those who have registered their book. 

Many of the scripts have not changed from those that were released with the book. But there were changes with CS5, CS5.5, and now with CS6.

Rather than try to upgrade the book with each new version, it was my decision to go forward with blogs to cover has changed, and possibly to offer mini tutorials and scripts to cover new features.

The updated scripts are now commented more heavily than before, with changes from earlier scripts noted in the comment section at the top of the script.

Many of the scripts require documents and/or other requirements existing in order for the script to run successfully. It is suggested that the user first open the script in the appropriate editor and read the comments and instructions at the top before attempting to run the script. As most scripts demonstrate a single concept, they are not to be considered complete. Customizing and bullet-proofing scripts are part of the learning process. Once you have a script working the way you want it, you may want to add it to the InDesign’s Scripts panel and possibly assign it a quick key.