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Document from Template with Adjustments

Layout Adjustment is new with InDesign CC 2019 giving us the ability to alter the size, margins, and bleed of a document. Additionally the size of fonts can be altered with restraints for minimum and maximum size. Our feature script automates document creation from a template with the ability to adjust the document size and margins.

Step 1 Choose Template

A template located in the Templates folder inside InDesign's application folder is chosen from a dropdown in the custom dialog..

Step 2 Layout Adjustment Options

Enabling groups in the custom dialog give the user the option for changing the size of the document and margins. If Adjust Margins is not selected, no adjustment is made. Changing the value for autoAdjust at the top of the script will change this behavior to allow auto margin adjust.

Step 3 Document Created

When the user clicks OK in the custom dialog, the template is opened and modified according to the settings entered in the dialog.

Here the document has been created from the template with its size and margins changed. The size for the image placeholder was not changed as it was set to locked in the template.

Step 4 Save Document

To complete the process, the user is presented with the system Save File dialog for saving the new document.

Script Download

The download is Document From Template With Adjustment script written for Adobe InDesign CC 2019. The demonstration script is currently available only for AppleScript. It is provided as an example from which readers can create their own. No warranty is given for the completeness or reliability of this script.

Document From Template W Adjustment Document From Template W Adjustment 11