Three years of mourning the death of a loved one; two-plus years digging into research while helping others get published, and praying. I can’t change what happened. I can only change how I react to the changes. Even InDesign changed. And so we roll with the changes.

For those who purchased my books and find that some of the scripts don’t work, the problem primarily is that terminology changed. In one fell swoop, scripts had to change in how we “named” objects for identity to use “name” not “label.” The “master text frame” (document preferences) became “create primary text frame”, and “Master Pages” (although internally named the same) are now “Parent Pages.” Even worse for the novice JavaScript coder, was the loss of the ESTK script editor/object model viewer. (This is now replaced with Visual Studio Code and Extensions.)

The big unexpected change, at least for me, was Adobe’s introduction to Artificial Intelligence (Fall, 2022). This may have some promise for the future, but for now, irritatingly, breaks some of the scripts used for automation. For this reason I have decided it was high time that I update the books. Most of the scripts still work as written, but for those that don’t, I will be posting them for download from this website.

For now, I need to fix what has been left undone. I will post to Twitter as I make progress.