If you are not a member of Adobe Creative Cloud, you are missing out.

Adobe has just released a number of application previews and updates for members. This includes the following:

  • Preview 1 of Adobe Edge Reflow – allows users to create responsive web apps with an intuitive interface. With Edge Reflow your designs are created for different screen sizes as you visually set breakpoints for maximum or minimum viewport sizes.
  • An updated Adobe Edge Animate – In version 1.5 you now have the ability to use gradients, apply filters to images, and take advantage of a huge built-in collection of Web Fonts in your animations. Image filters include invert, hue-rotate, contrast, saturate, sepia, grayscale, blur, and shadow. While these CSS image filters are only supported in Chrome, Safari, iOS6, and Blackberry 10, you will want to give them a try while adding degradation for non-supporting browsers.
  • A preview edition of Adobe Edge Code. Live preview support shows changes in the browser as soon as they are made. Inline code editing is now supported with code hinting support for CSS and HTML.
  • Updates to Adobe Dreamweaver with improved Fluid Grid Layouts and Edge Web Fonts.


Adobe’s Creative Cloud Training is available when you log in to download these new and updated products. And, as always, there is more to learn about the products on the Creative Cloud product blog,


This new application from Adobe is the perfect solution for those who do not want to write code. It is a web motion and interaction design tool that allows designers to create animated web content for mobile and desktop platforms using web standards HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3. Animations created with Edge Animate can be brought into DPS to create articles for various mobile platforms including Android and iOS. It is also the perfect tool for creating animations and interactivity for iBooks Author.

We will be working with Adobe Edge Animate in the next few blogs, so keep tuned.