Just got through watching the web stream from Adobe’s Create the Web tour (San Francisco, today, September 24). If you have any question of where publishing to web and electronic devices is going, wonder no more. If Adobe has any say, the combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript will be the driving force of the future. To facilitate this, Adobe is working on a whole new line of products based on this technology. 

To start, Edge Animate is now a released product (version 1.0). If you haven’t started working with Edge, you will want to download it and jump in. Best of all, if you have Creative Cloud, the introductory copy of Edge is free. Go to https:creative.adobe.com, sign in, and get your copy. It’s the “An” icon under Edge Tools & Services.

Next to Edge Animate in this section you will find a lineup of application icons. These tools are designed to work with the same underlying code as Edge. If you are serious about creating web pages and mobile apps you will want to experiment with these tools.Yes, they are still under development and, more importantly, are moving forward at lightning speed. In today’s world of rapidly advancing technology, the ability to work with new tools as they are being developed is one of the big reasons for Creative Cloud. 

Here’s the lineup of products in addition to Edge Animate:

Adobe Edge Reflow (“Rf”) – for creating layouts that respond to the various sizes of the viewing screen.

Adobe Edge Code (“Co”) –  allows you to write code for the web in an editor designed to evolve with the capability of web while integrating with the Edge Tools and Services.

Adobe Edge Inspect (“In”) – allows the designer to wirelessly synchronize multiple devices for browsing and viewing changes made in the code…and more.

Edge Web Fonts (Wf) – A free font service which adds a tidy collection of web fonts and is conveniently built into Edge Code

Typekit (“T”) – a tremendous library of fonts that can be used in your HTML creations. With Typekit’s new partnership with Monotype, this library will be expanding exponentially.

Adobe PhoneGap Build (Bd) – The simple PhoneGap Build interface allows developers the ability to target iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and other devices using PhoneGap services in the cloud.

To read more about these tools, go to html.adobe.com. And best of all, this is available for you for free if you have a Creative Cloud membership. If you don’t have a membership yet, go to html.adobe.com and get your membership. Yes, it’s free.

See you in the cloud.