Script Projects

Most chapters have one or more projects which provide hands-on practice using concepts covered. Here are just a few.

Business Card – Using a template as a guide, you prepare a similar document using scripts. The document is populated using XML.

Calendar – Creates a 12-month calendar using a template having containers named to identify the month title, images, and calendar table portion.

Interactive PDF – Scripts automate creating bookmarks, hyperlinks for objects, and hyperlinks for text.

Recipe – Demonstrates styling a document including text, background color block, and border using a script. As part of the script, numbers with slash are converted to real fractions using the OTF Fractions feature.

Slideshow (5.0 and above) – The first script prepares the slideshow document by importing images from a common folder and using image metadata to populate a caption text frame. A second script saves the document as a PDF slideshow giving the user the option of selecting a transition.