Just posted on our web page is a template especially for those who don’t want to work with HTML and CSS. Well, almost. The creator does need to open HTML files using a simple text editor and insert the text for the inside pages and covers. And, Amazon’s Kindle Previewer application is needed to convert the files into a book. Kindle Previewer is available from www.Amazon.com/kindleformat.

The Super Simple Landscape template supports popups (Amazon’s region magnification). It has twelve inside pages set up to place the text in the bottom one-fifth of the page (120 pixels). Images for the inside pages and covers need to be 1024 pixels wide by 600 pixels high. These need to use RGB color mode, saved as JPEG, and named the same as the sample images included in the template. A sample file for the bookshelf cover is also included. A PDF file with complete instructions is inside the folder downloaded. 

For those who do know HTML and CSS, the css style file has plenty of styles included for customizing text positioning and styling. The rest is up to your imagination.